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Group Workshops

~ delivered in-person to small groups of 3-12 adults ~
Have more than 12 in your group?  No problem!  Let's chat about options.

One-on-one Sessions

~ delivered in-person or virtually ~

Mindful Eating

Learn the principles and benefits of mindful eating.

Discover how mindful eating can improve your health and wellness.

Give the practice a try - experience the sensations of the bite!

1 hour

Group  $60

All About Food Groups

Learn about the five food groups and how each are beneficial for health.
Discuss ways to make healthier food choices in each food group to reduce added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium.
Find your healthy eating style and practice meal/snack planning with MyPlate.
Sample healthy snacks.
2 hours
Group  $120
Understanding Nutrition Labels

Learn how to read and interpret nutrition labels, including both the Nutrition Facts and the ingredient list.

Discover the information you need to compare foods and make healthy choices.

Learn how to choose nutrients wisely.


1 hour

One-on-One  $30

Group  $60

Creating a Healthy Kitchen

Discover simple swaps that will provide healthier options in your pantry and fridge/freezer.

Learn how to change your kitchen environment to make healthier food more accessible and convenient.

Learn how to plan for shopping for healthy foods that won't go to waste.

1 hour

One-on-One  $30

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