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4 Ways to Have a Thin Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, hands down. I love sitting around the dining table and catching up with friends and family. Spending quality time with loved ones and expressing gratitude is an important part of the day. The Thanksgiving feast is also at the top of the list! Many people celebrate and enjoy traditional foods during this time, and that can feel so comforting!

But, it’s also easy to overindulge. Eating too much food or eating unhealthy foods can make it difficult to maintain weight and health as we start the holiday season. Try these four tips for a “thin” Thanksgiving, which allows you to keep enjoying the food and quality time.

Be active

Participate in a local turkey trot early in the day. Whether you run or walk, you’ll be starting the day with a calorie deficit.

Make a plan to take a long walk after the Thanksgiving feast to keep the calories burning. Make it an adventure and invite everyone at the dinner table!

Be aware of your portions

Use a smaller plate to help you eat less. Eating less means fewer calories and that can help prevent weight gain.

Survey the offerings and choose the ones you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving without, and be diligent about taking small portions of each.

If you feel full after this, avoid seconds, which will only make you feel stuffed, miserable, and sluggish. Save those seconds for next day leftovers!

Eat mindfully

Take in all of the senses from your plate of food. How does it look - do you have a variety of colorful foods? How does it smell - does it bring back memories of previous Thanksgiving feasts? How does it taste?

Enjoy small bites, take your time chewing, and really savor the taste. Eating mindfully can help you feel more satisfied with less food.

Go light on alcohol

Stick with the recommendations for drinking in moderation (if you drink at all) -- one drink for women and two drinks for men. Try one of these 5 Alcohol Beverages That Can Help You Wind Down While Staying Healthy.

Before and after each drink, enjoy a glass of plain or sparkling water to stay hydrated.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday for all that it has to offer -- quality time with your loved ones, gratitude, and traditional foods. Staying active, eating small portions mindfully, and enjoying alcohol in moderation can help you maintain weight and health during this holiday season.

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