Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching with Emerald Wellness? 


No fad diets.  No products or supplements.  Just lifelong solutions to healthy living!


Your ACE Certified Health Coach will walk you through lifestyle changes related to wellness and weight management.  You'll be guided through these changes with goal-setting, education, motivation, programming, support, and referrals, when necessary.


Your Health Coach has a unique understanding of how nutrition, exercise, emotions, behaviors, and other lifestyle factors all affect well-being.  With this complex understanding, your Health Coach can be an active partner in helping you reach your own potential to maximize healthy lifestyle choices.

When you choose
health coaching with
Emerald Wellness, LLC., you are choosing an individualized program that is tailored 100% to your health needs.
FREE 20 Minute Consultation

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation to find out if health coaching is right for you and if we’re a good fit for each other.

No matter which membership you choose, we will discuss your health history and health concerns, identify attainable goals, and develop strategies to overcome challenges.
All Health Coaching Memberships include: 
  • a starter session:  we'll talk about your health concerns, identify realistic health and wellness goals, create a plan to help you achieve those goals along with steps to take to overcome challenges and obstacles
  • weekly check-ins:  to keep you on track
  • unlimited messaging support in between check-ins and sessions:  use the online platform to log your food intake and physical activity (with feedback provided), ask questions, and track your progress
  • access to a private Facebook group: for peer support, for an unlimited time!
  • a wrap-up session:  to celebrate your progress and to solidify a plan for lifelong success
What are the benefits of having a health coach?
  • set realistic goals that are exciting to accomplish
  • discover new foods and recipes while learning how to incorporate them into your life
  • gain confidence to make healthy choices
  • experience reduced stress, improved sleep, and boosted mood
  • work toward weight management and improved health markers

Infertility Support

8 Week Membership

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of a medical team, nutritional support can have a positive impact.  If you are trying a low-carb diet, an autoimmune protocol, or a low-lectin diet (with your doctor's support), you are in the right place!  
With this membership, you will receive support with setting and working towards your nutritional goals, food and recipe ideas for the eating style you are following, and guidance around obstacles that get in the way.
  • (1)   starter session
  • (6)   weekly check-ins 
  • (1)   wrap-up session
  • unlimited messaging support between sessions (includes feedback on your food journal and activity journal)
  • access to a private Facebook group for peer support

6 Week Membership

Does this sound like you?
  • You've lived your healthiest life 
  • Something came up (having a baby, starting a new job, moving) and you got off track
  • You know exactly what to do
  • You just need accountability, support, and a way to get back on track and stay there
If you answered YES, then this is the membership for you!
  • (1)   starter session
  • (4)   weekly check-ins 
  • (1)   wrap-up session
  • unlimited messaging support between sessions (includes feedback on your food journal and activity journal)
  • access to a private Facebook group for peer support
Back on Track Coaching

Disclaimer:  Consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new health-related program.  For certain health conditions, medical clearance may be required to participate in my health coaching program. I am not a medical provider nor can I provide any specific medical advice.  The health coaching programs are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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