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About Heather


I am thrilled to be a Certified Health Coach by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)!  I have a strong passion for health and wellness, and I enjoy helping people create healthier lifestyles.  In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my family, reading books, and snuggling with my dogs (speaking of dogs, you might hear a bark or two on our video chats).


I am a mom, a working mom.  I understand the challenges that working moms face -- juggling the multiple daily responsibilities of the commute, work, home, family, pets, etc.  Do you ever think, how am I supposed to find the time to shop for healthy groceries, prepare home-cooked meals, get the whole family on board with ditching the junk food and enjoying the health food, squeeze in a bit of “me time,” exercise, and get a full night of peaceful sleep?  Yes? Really, the list goes on. But, I hear you and I understand you, because I live in that world, too! 


In 2011, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis.  I won’t bore you with all of the details, but I will say that this disease has caused me to live many years with physical pain and has left me (and my husband) to suffer from infertility. I am so grateful to have the blonde-hair, blue-eyed boy pictured with me here -- he is our miracle, our rainbow baby.  Most recently, endometriosis has caused me to lose both Fallopian tubes and both ovaries...which means, duhn duhn duhn, I’m going through early menopause. 


So, what does all of this mean for you?  Well, whether you’re a working mom or suffering from infertility or dealing with the pain from endometriosis or experiencing early menopause, I understand what you’re going through, and I’ve got you covered in my health coaching practice!


I recognize that everyone starts or returns to their healthy lifestyle journey in different places, and people take different paths along the way.  For this reason, I tailor programs 100% to each individual member and their needs.  I use a holistic approach, which means I incorporate support and guidance in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and self-care, to ensure that physical, mental, and emotional health needs are met.


My practice is based in Centennial, Colorado, but I offer convenient virtual health coaching.


Enough about me.  I’d love the opportunity to get to know you!  

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ACE Certified Health Coach

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

Master's degree in Public Health (MPH)

Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS)

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